We believe that delicious meal must come with umami flavor. Dipping sauce plays important role to create the flavor for your favorite meal. J-Lek dipping sauce comes from raw material selection naturally, seasoned with high quality condiments and manufactured with standardized process meticulously in every steps. Moreover, we have continuousely researched and developed for the delicious taste confirmed by customers for over 40 years, lining up with sweet chili sauce, traditional thai spicy sauce, traditional thai seafood sauce, BBQ sauce, grilled beef sauce, sukiyaki dipping sauce, sukiyaki grilled sauce, shabu-shabu sauce, chili sauce, ketchup, plum sauce, black pepper sauce and etc. Moreover, J-Lek dipping sauce is more than just dipping sauce because of its unique strong flavor, it can be used to cook your favorite dishes such as Let us be part of your creativity on cooking thai and international dished deliciously. J-Lek, we care from the source.