J-Lek believes that food culture is unlimited. Your imagination on cooking is borderless. Feel all culture globally through multi-purpose spice powder by J-Lek.

J-Lek multi-purpose spice powder comes from quality sources and developed from authentic recipes from many countries such as garlic fried rice powder, marinated black pepper powder and Korean-style marinated powder, those will make your special dishes even more special.

Furthermore, let us make your special meal or party even easier by using our dried fish soup powder (Dashi), sukiyaki soup, kimchi soup by J-Lek international research and development team. Only put the powders in the hot pot then you are ready to enjoy the special time with your lovers or family effortlessly. Not only the flavor you will get but the sense of being in Korea in the winter or enjoying Tokyo feeling at your home.

J-Lek, we care from the source.