Thai style chili paste with fresh vegetables is one of Thai authentic food from ages. J-Lek has developed various kind of its to satisfy the needs from thais around the worlds who wants to feel like being home such as Ta Dang Chili Paste, Chili Paste with Mang Da Flavor, Pla Duk Foo Paste, Spicy Crispy Frish, Narok Pla Chili Paste, Narok Kung Chili Paste, Man Kung Chili Paste Wo do our best to make J-Lek Thai style instant chili pastes as cooked by your mother's hands though our expertise. Moreover, the pastes can be made into many other menu such Chilli Paste Fried Rice with Prowns and etc. Make your meal even more special with J-Lek Thai style instant chili paste deliciously. J-Lek, we care from the source.