Supply chain

K.R.S. Spicy Foods Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and a distributor of sweet chili sauce, Thai style spicy dipping sauces, sukiyaki dipping sauce, seafood dipping sauce and various seasoning sauces, including curry paste, ready-to-eat curry sauce and chili paste under “J-Lek” brand K.R.S. Spicy Foods Co., Ltd. is recognized and trusted by domestic and international customers, with the brand “J-Lek” available in leading stores in Thailand. In addition, we have also exported products globally such as Sweden, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa, China, Netherlands, Japan, etc.

Moreover, K.R.S. Spicy Foods Co., Ltd. is an expert in OEM of food and sauces for customers and restaurants domestically and internationally. We are trusted and accepted by our loyal customers not only from our production standard and quality but we also concern on the workers’ welfare and sustainability. Our meticulousness starts from sourcing raw material, seed, planting process, material preparation until delivery to out production line and ultimately distribute to our consumer to make sure that the consumer will consume quality and safe product to assure the service level of K.R.S.

It begins with high quality of K.R.S.’s supply chain together with its business core which we have been abide and practiced ever since. We are devoted into every detail starting from the sources which makes us realize the importance of the fundamental such grains selection, suitable plantation area selection, group of farmer selection, equipment providing and suitable facilities providing for plantation to our cooperated farmers. Moreover, we do provide knowledge, support, develop and promote farmers’ potential to apply that knowledge effectively. K.R.S is also focus on agricultural product development to apply new technique to increase quantity and quality of our products to be served to our customer. We do also take the quality of life of our farmer into the account by supporting every family to make sure that they live happily. Additionally, we assure you that all agricultural product has been produced following to K.R.S. standard and are hygienic. That is how we get the safe, fresh and pesticide free product to be produced at our factory by professional transportation.

By selecting farmland and building raw material conversion plant nearby, this allows the company to transport the raw materials over a short distance so that the raw materials remain fresh for processing in our factory. For this reason, some raw materials may need to be imported into the initial preparation process immediately after harvesting, so that the raw materials remain fresh, no bruising, no spoilage of raw materials from transportation over long distances. In addition, the converted raw materials will meet the company’s specified output standards.

In addition, the transportation process is one of the success mechanisms that K.R.S. takes very seriously and pays attention to regularly. It starts from a transportation service provider; they are diligent and has always served K.R.S since day one together with his potential. Therefore, we decide to support this person to grow up in his business, now he has his own company which mainly serve K.R.S. in transportation of raw materials and finished goods. We can rely on them on every detail needed for transportation such packing, arrangement, stacking, cleanliness and safety to assure that the materials will be transported directly to customers or to our factory punctually and effectively.

In K.R.S production line section, we carefully select and inspect raw material following to the set standard before import them to our line, including equipment, containers and machinery to ensure that every step of our production will be clean, safe and can produce effectively which can be retraceable. Every employee must be sterilized, wash their hands, cover their hair, put the mask on and comply the dress code provide by the company before entering the production line. We inspect our machine in every morning before working including equipment to make sure that they are ready to be used and again after finished using following to set standard. We also have a quality control team to check all production line to ensure the quality and cleanliness according to the standard. We have our own storage for finished goods to be delivered for every order and will always be checked again by our quality control team before delivery to our customer.

Additionally, for all customer domestically and internationally, we do assure you that the goods will be deliver with full caution. We have the system to manage the transportation in term of time and to prevent damage. With our experienced staff sorting and stacking the finished goods correctly, it will surely make your work easier when the goods are placed on the shelfs, your customers will notice your product effortlessly. This shows the quality of our work and show how much we do care on every small details which are the same standard domestically and internationally including OEM customer.

K.R.S operates by building confidence, focusing on every small details from the beginning. Having our employee and stake holder proud in our company with clear vision and mission to guarantee that our quality products will be delivered to our customer full with happiness. We treat our employee as our family including all stake holder to assure our customer in our meticulousness because we care from the source.