Ink spaghetti in red curry sauce with onsen egg


  1. Red chilli paste J-Lek
  2. Streaky pork
  3. Chili dry
  4. Milk
  5. Fish sauce
  6. Palm sugar
  7. Ink spaghetti
  8. Basil leaf
  9. Red chilli
  10. Parmesan cheese
  11. Evaporated milk

Cooking Step

  1. Put belly pork, dried chili, Red curry paste “J-Lek”, and stir fry until it’s well mixed.
  2. Add plain milk, fish sauce, palm sugar, black spaghetti, basil leaves, red chili, parmesan cheese, and stir fry until well cooked.
  3. Serve with Onsen Tamago.